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What's New
1. Angled long underbust
2. PVC lace overlay peplum belt
3. Artifice Fur Jacket
4. PVC peplum belt
5. PVC Waitress hat
6. Lace overlay underbust corset (updated design)
7. PVC hooded shrug
8. Artifice pointed shoulder Fur shrug
9. Glow in the Dark trimmed PVC underwear
10. Men's PVC Underbust corset

Padded PVC pushup bra

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Padded PVC pushup bra

Our Price: $90.00 ea

Glowing trim Shell shrug

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Glowing trim Shell shrug

Our Price: $120.00 ea

Ruffle shrug

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Ruffle shrug

Uber ruffle shrug with snap front, double collar and double sided sleeves

Our Price: $70.00 ea

PVC Military Shorts

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PVC Military Shorts

Our Price: $60.00 ea

Riding Jacket

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Riding Jacket

Cropped riding jacket with mutton chop sleeves

Our Price: $110.00 ea

Selene cropped jacket

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Selene cropped jacket

Pointed sleeves, button detailing

Our Price: $65.00 ea

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