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What's New
1. Lila Fur Vest
2. Angled long underbust with Pleated accents
3. Short sleeve Gothic Lolita Shrug
4. PVC skater dress
5. Cruella De Vil fur Hat
6. Striped PVC Pushup Bra
7. Striped PVC Formal High waisted underwear
8. PVC and Lace Padded bust cup Corset
9. Bloodrayne cosplay PVC Costume
10. Lace overlay Angled Corset Belt

PVC and Lace Padded bust cup Corset

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PVC and Lace Padded bust cup Corset

Cleavage support, and an hourglass shape

Our Price: $165.00 ea

Artifice Victorian Fur Jacket

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Artifice Victorian Fur Jacket

Our Price: $210.00 ea

Victorian Straitjacket Shrug

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Victorian Straitjacket Shrug

Snap up neck front, puffed sleeve arms and long straps which tie up in a bow at either the front or back

Our Price: $110.00 ea

Harley Heart

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Harley Heart

Way cuter Harley alternative, hearts and a large neck ruff!

Our Price: $245.00 ea

Open bust vest

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Open bust vest

Cute slim fit vest with pocket detailing

Our Price: $65.00 ea

Victoria skirt

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Victoria skirt

Gorgeous long two layered ruffled skirt

Our Price: $160.00 ea

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