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PVC Harley Quinn costume (ME!)

Additional Images:

Our form fitting high quality PVC catsuit in Joker style colours with diamond shaped PVC appliques, invisible zipper and white PVC ruffles.  We offer a lot of customization and options for this catsuit, so e-mail us after checkout if you aren't sure! This catsuit is an ideal costume for parties, stage and photoshoots; or just a fun clubbing outfit! Made in 4-way stretch PVC (better fit and shine) to minimize wrinkling and for a more comfortable slim fit. This costume has a slim fit so be sure to check your sizes here. If you have a slightly bigger stomach or squarer torso we can make the waist one or two inches larger if you add a note to the comments of your order.

The white collar for the outfit is sewn onto the hood. If you'd like just the catsuit and cuffs and no hood, we can do that for $65 less. If you want the white collar, catsuit, and cuffs we can do that for $40 less. Or if you'd like to be able to wear the hood and the white collar (its sewn onto the hood not the catsuit) separately the price will go up by $10. E-mail us after checkout and we'll adjust the price for you. 

Catsuit information:

This catsuit comes with a 16" invisible zipper as shown. Using the options below you can choose to have either a black or white 23" invisible zipper (ends a few inches above your crotch) or a 36" 2-direction coil one which opens from the neck and the back of the butt. If you have an outfit with the 16" zipper its maybe a little harder to get in and out of but it won't bunch up as much as the 23" invisible one when you bend forward. The 36" 2-way black or white nylon zipper may not be as comfortable since there will be no stretch on the crotch but it will be much easier to make bathroom trips (especially if you wear this with a corset. We can place either zipper on the front or the back (front is recommended).

Highly structured fit for a tight and form fitting look. There are darts on front, back, shoulders, and elbows for a streamlined and curve hugging fit. This is available in sizes from XXS to XL. If you would like us to split the sizes at the waist (for example a small top and a medium bottom) for no extra chage please add a note to the comments of your order. We are now offering free length customization for this catsuit using the drop down menu below! We can add or take off length easily while cutting out the fabric to make the catsuit taller or shorter for a better fit. Remember these look best with a skin tight fit, so don't add too much length since the fabric stretches vertically as well as horizontally. We can make the sleeves and legs exactly the length you want free of charge. Please be sure to follow closely to your body when measuring from your crotch to ankle, and your armpit to wrist. Include these notes in the comments of your order or e-mail us right afterwards!

You can add short PVC gloves
for an extra $45 using the options below. The right glove will be red and the left glove will be black. So they will be the opposite colours of the catsuit arms.

Corset information:
Choose either a shorter corset belt as shown in the photoshoot for $55 extra or a longer angled steel boned underbust corset for an extra $95. Sizing for the corset belt is the waist size minus four inches so that the corset can be worn almost completely closed as shown give you a three and a half inch reduction in the waist comfortably. The actual corset belt sizes at their waist (smallest part of the corset) are 19" for XXsmall, 21" for extra small, 23" for small, 25" for medium, 27" for large, and 29" for extra large. However if you are comfortable wearing corsets you will want to go a size down for extra cinching power.

Most people have no problem wearing the corset belt style fully closed (trust us you'll be surprised at how small you can cinch your waist with this corset because of its size) and it gives great hourglass definition to squarer body shapes. The corset belt style is best for cinching in the center of your waist (around 5.5") so it does not cover the ribs or lower stomach. Its a more comfortable fit but if you have a larger stomach or want more coverage you will will probably want the more expensive longer regular underbust (around 9.5" at the front centre) style instead.
Both are available using the options below.

Hood information:
We have an alternate Harley hood that we've made with bigger horns and a smaller white collar as well as a Classic Harley Quinn Hood with pompoms.
If you'd like us to substitute the hood shown here for either version please e-mail us after checkout!
We sew a little fabric flap underneath the sturdy hood zipper to avoid getting your hair caught when you zip up but if you've got long hair you may want to also use a wig cap to keep your hair in place. Not sure what size you are? Measure around the centre of your neck and include it in the comments of the order.

Because this outfit is made out of black, red, and white fabric you won't be able to store it by folding it the same way as you would a single colour outfit. Lighter colours of PVC like latex can be stained by darker PVC colours (especially if they touch for too long). To avoid the colours staining each other please either hang your harley catsuit up, or if you want to fold it keep the tissue we ship the costume in and put a layer of tissue in between each fold so that red and black don't touch.

Our Price: $220.00  ea

Add a matching steel boned corset belt (+$55) :

Add a matching steel boned underbust corset (+$95) :

Back or front zipper (more comfortable in front) :

Catsuit height options (free) :

Sewing time options (regular or rush production) :

Sizes XXS to XL :

Zipper options (longer lengths will bunch up more) :

Add wrist length Gloves and white Cuffs ($45) :


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PVC Harley Quinn costume

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