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PVC Twin Knee corsets (2KNEE)

Additional Images:

Double structured PVC knee restraining corsets with plastic boning available in all our store colours. These are great as either a cyber or medical fetish accent to your outfit and look great by themselves or over stockings. The lacing is thin elastic cord for comfort. A really unique PVC knee brace accent. This is the knee "bondage" corset shown which we used to join the models legs together as shown with our Siamese corset. They are wearing this product as well as a set of knee corsets (one side for each girl). This is only for the middle section, if you want the outer ones as well choose that option below (adds $70 to your total). This is good for either joining two people together at the knee or restraining legs together at the knees. This is more of a cosplay item than a serious bondage device, and is for light wear only. If you want we can include a matching strap for the ankles as shown. We can either make it long so you can tie it in a bow as in the metallic red sets or add a adjustable plastic snap as shown in the white picture. Available with black, white, or gold eyelets.

You can lace these up with the lacing on the outer leg and the top and bottom sections are joined with adjustable length straps. Choose your choice of black or white eyelets and snaps.

One size fits all for now, if you have large or XL legs and would like us to increase the size we can do that free of charge with a note in the comments of your order with your upper and lower knee measurements.

Our Price: $75.00  ea

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PVC Twin Knee corsets

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