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Glow in the Dark PVC Underbust corset (GRRUC)

Additional Images:

This corset is shown in black with glowstick green trim with a Bella Jacket, and a glowing choker with bow Also shown in white PVC with Icy blue trim and our Wrenn Jacket, a Wrenn skirt, a Kinetic top, and formal underwear.

These products look like cool Cyber fetish pieces in regular light and dim light (the glowstick green glows lightly in sunlight) and then at night will glow in the dark and brightly under UV light. The glow in the dark trim must be charged under bright lights for a hour or so before you go out (longer is better) and then will glow softly for a few hours in dark clubs or raves. They maintain their glow brightest in clubs with a black light since this "charges" the glow in the dark chemical really brightly after even a minute of being under black light. So you can go back every hour or so to "supercharge" the glow in the dark trim in club areas with black light.

Glowing trim available in icy blue (a pale blue), glowing green (a pale green colour), and glowstick green (a sort of yellow green classic glowstick look). The piping is all white in regular light and the glow is visible in dim light and darkness. If you want to take pictures of your outfit you will need to turn off the flash and its best to have it fully charged. Icy blue tends to look more aqua under black light, glowstick green glows yellow green, and glowing green glows even brighter pale green under blacklight. You can see all three colours glowing here (they are all white in regular light).

Our newest glowing underbust corset has more boning at the front to flatten your stomach and give you an hourglass shape. This is around 10-11" long at the centre front. If you'd like a shorter angled version check out our regular Glowing Trim Angled Corset belt (around 7-8" long but with less front boning) and if you'd like longer angled version (around 9.5"" long in the front centre) you can purchase our Angled long underbust with Glow in the Dark trim.

 It features:           

  • 4 - 1/4" flat steel bones at the front, the sides are boned with 1/4" spiral steel boning for flexibility and comfort, 1" wide flat steel boning at the back along the lacing panels.
  • Metal eyelets and grommets for durable construction.  White eyelets and white lacing are the standard for this style but you can choose between gold, black and white eyelets using the options below
  • Because of the thick glowing tubing on this corset you may want to buy a size larger than you usually get for corsets.  We use steel boning for this corset. Two 1/4" flat steel bones at the front, 1/2" flat steel boning at the back, and the sides are boned with 1/4" spiral steel boning for flexibility and comfort. The sizing for this corset is smaller than most "off the rack" corsets since with the steel boning you can expect a 2-3" reduction to your waist. You'll want to pick a corset with that is 3-5" smaller than your natural waist. The approximate corset sizes at their waist are 19" for a XXS, 21" for extra small, 23" for small, 25" for the medium, 27" for large, and 29" for extra large. If you are used to wearing corsets you may able to close this all the way, otherwise you can leave it open a few inches in the back for a more comfortable fit. If you'd like a modesty panel to cover the gap in the back use the options below (+$7).

Our Price: $140.00  ea

Colour :

Corset size XXS to XL :

Eyelet colour (black, white, silver, gold) :

Glow in the dark trim colour :

Optional modesty panel for underneath lacing (+$7) :

Sewing time options (regular or rush production) :


Glow in the Dark PVC Underbust corset

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