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PVC Collar Jumpsuit (COLJUM)

Additional Images:

Shown in white PVC with a front zipper and optional neck tab with PVC gloves. Shown in black PVC with a back zipper, a corset belt, and PVC stockings.

This is our new basic Jumpsuit with a collar made from 4-way stretch PVC! If you'd like a shorter or longer collar just add a note to the comments of your order! We offer a few zipper options! Choose from either a front or back zipper. If you'd like a front zIpper we can add a little cap snap tab in the centre so you can keep the neck together while unzipping for cleavage. We can also add a 2-way zipper from either the back of the neck around to a few inches above your crotch or from the neck to the top of the butt for an extra $13. You'll be able to unzip from either direction.
If you'd like long sleeves on this jumpsuit please e-mail us after checkout! The cost will go up by $20 and we offer free length and bicep adjustments.

If you have an outfit with the 16" zipper its a little harder to get in and out of but it won't bunch up as much as the 36" one when you twist around. The sturdy 2-way nylon zipper may not be as comfortable since there will be no stretch on the crotch but it will be much easier to make bathroom trips (especially if you wear this with a corset). We can place either zipper on the front or the back (front is recommended for the longer zip and back is recommended for the regular zipper).

Available in 4-way stretch red, white, black, pale pink, coral pink, pink, purple, bright blue, matte black (not shiny), matte white (not shiny), matte red (not shiny), neon yellow, yellow, bright green, matte pale pink, leatherette, metallic red, neon orange, beige leatherette, red snakeskin, white snakeskin, black snakeskin, and royal blue/navy. We prefer to only use 4-way stretch PVC fabrics for this style for a skin tight and stretchy fit. 4-way stretch is a slightly thinner fabric which has better stretch while keeping its shine and can be used for a better and more comfortable stretchy fit. We can sew small logos on for an extra charge, e-mail us at for a quote!

If you are in between sizes go for the smaller size since the fabric is stretchy. We offer free height adjustments using the options below. If you have a larger bust or hips, please add a note to the comments of your order or e-mail us right after checkout and we can easily mix/match sizes at the waist.

You can add a shorter corset belt as shown in the black photoshoot for $55 extra or a longer angled steel boned underbust corset for an extra $95. Sizing for the corset belt is the waist size minus four inches so that the corset can be worn almost completely closed as shown give you a three and a half inch reduction in the waist comfortably. The actual corset belt sizes at their waist (smallest part of the corset) are 19" for XXsmall, 21" for extra small, 23" for small, 25" for medium, 27" for large, and 29" for extra large. However if you are comfortable wearing corsets you will want to go a size down for extra cinching power.

Our Price: $45.00  ea

4-way stretch PVC colours :

Add a matching steel boned corset belt (+$55) :

Add a matching steel boned underbust corset (+$95) :

Back or front zipper (more comfortable in front) :

Free Jumper height adjustments :

Removable snap tab across neck (optional) :

Sizes XXS to XL :

Zipper options (longer lengths will bunch up more) :

Sewing time options (regular or rush production) :


PVC Collar Jumpsuit

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