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Harley Quinn Pushup Bra (HQPBRA)

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Shown with a Clear PVC Bow Neck Ruff, a Harley Quinn Hood (chin length with no collar), Harley Quinn Stockings, Harley Quinn Long Sleeve Gloves, Harley Quinn Underwear, and a steel boned Front Zip PVC Underbust corset.

Our super cute Harley Quinn pushup bra! Sewn with white or black adjustable quick release snaps on the neck and back to fine tune your fit, and padded cups and underwire to keep your cleavage perfect. To include matching underwear for $12 choose your size below.

We can make this bra in other colour combinations (black/pink, red/dark blue) and use hearts or diamonds, just e-mail us after checkout. Available with standard or "mega" (the highest pushup level we can find for your size) pushup cups for an extra $5. Please pick your size (32, 34, 36, 38, 40) and your cup size (A, B, C, D, DD) using the options below.
For the best possible fit choose the size that you most commonly wear. If you need a different size please choose the "not sure" option and e-mail us after checkout!

The steel boned corset shown with a half black/red front zipper is available using the options below for an extra $95. Made with four flat steel bones on the front for stomach flattening, flexible steel boning sides and flat steel boning at the back and is just long enough to cover the tops of the hip. You will want to go a size up if you have never worn a steel corset before or just want a more comfortable fit. 

Because this outfit is made out of red and black fabric you won't be able to store it by folding it the same way as you would a single colour outfit. Like latex, lighter colours of PVC can be stained by darker PVC colours (especially if they touch for too long). To avoid the colours staining each other please either hang your harley outfit up, or if you want to fold it layer the tissue we ship the costume in between each fold so that colours don't touch.

Our Price: $75.00  ea

Add a matching steel boned underbust corset (+$95) :

Add matching basic PVC underwear :

Bra size :

Padded bust cup style (regular or mega +$5) :

Plastic snap colour :

Sewing time options (regular or rush production) :


Harley Quinn Pushup Bra

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