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Glow in the Dark Lace overlay pushup Bra (GLLAB)

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This outfit is a Glow in the dark Lace Underbust Corset with white lace overlay and a
Glow in the dark Lace overlay pushup bra with a pearl PVC with white lace overlay underwear and garter belt.

Our padded PVC bra has an outer layer of glow in the dark fabric and lace, underwire, an adjustable halter neck strap, and a adjustable snap in the back. Available with standard or "mega" (the highest pushup level we can find for your size) pushup cups for an extra $5. Please pick your size (32, 34, 36, 38, 40) and your cup size (A, B, C, D, DD) using the options below. For the best possible fit choose the size that you most commonly wear. If you need a different size please choose the "not sure" option and e-mail us after checkout!
We've designed some new pieces with a outer layer made of glow in the dark latex like fabric with lace overlay on top. The glow is very strong for these pieces and the lace gives it a nice Cyber/Victorian feel. Because of how much glow in the dark plastic sheeting is used for these pieces the price is higher than most of our pieces unfortunately. We can make many of our corsets and shrugs in this style so contact us if you have an idea for a quote! The glow fabric needs to be backed and its best if it has the lace over-top to protect it so loose fitting items like shrugs, or rigid structured pieces like bra's and corsets are best. Right now we will only be able to provide this style in "Glowstick green" (a bright yellow green glowing colour as shown) with black, red, pale pink, sand (beige,) crimson, or white lace overlay. The glow is much more intense than previous soft glow fabric and will glow about 3 times as bright as the collars that we have sold in the past since the amount of glow chemical used to make the sheeting is higher. This makes it more expensive to buy but the effect is totally amazing! We have a yellowish pearl ivory PVC that matches the look of this material in regular light so you can mix/match PVC pieces with the lace overlay like we have with the garter belt and underwear here to lower the total cost.

These designs look like lingerie pieces in regular light and dim light (the glowstick green glows lightly in sunlight) and then at night will glow in the dark and brightly under UV light. The glow in the dark fabric must be charged under bright lights for a hour or so before you go out (longer is better) and then will glow softly for a few hours in dark clubs or raves. They maintain their glow brightest in clubs with a black light since this "charges" the glow in the dark chemical really brightly after even a minute of being under black light. So you can go back every hour or so to "supercharge" the glow in the dark trim in club areas with black light. If you are unsure and would like to see the colours in person you can add swatches to your order (or order them separately) using our Glow in the Dark Samples page.
You can see most of our different lace shades here.

Our Price: $165.00  ea

Bra band size (32/34/36/38/40) :

Cup size (e-mail us if you need a custom size) :

Glow in the dark trim colour :

Lace overlay colours :

Padded bust cup style (regular or mega +$5) :

Sewing time options (regular or rush production) :


Glow in the Dark Lace overlay pushup Bra

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