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Kinetic Overbust with Padded bust cups (PADKIN)

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Shown in matte white with optional double halter straps and a hobble pencil skirt($55) a Faux Fur shrug, and a Faux Fur Pillbox hat. Shown in red with optional double halter straps and high waisted "Formal" underwear and thigh corsets.

We've combined our Kinetic Cyber Corset with our super flattering PVC Overbust corset with padded bust cups and underwire to give you a tiny waist and cartoon cleavage! We can make this with regular or "mega" pushup cups. Available with optional straps ($17 for a double style or $10 extra for a regular halter strap) on the sides to "pull in" your cleavage for a secure and flattering fit. If you aren't sure what cup size you need please add a note to the comments of your order and we will e-mail you after checkout!

Available with black, gold or white eyelets in all store colours with your choice of red, white, or black zippers. Steel boned with flexible 1/4" spiral steel boning on the sides and 1/4" flat steel on the front and 1/2" flat steel on the back.  Layered with crinoline under each ruffle to give volume. We've attached two angular layers of PVC with a workable zipper center to each side. Each side of the zipper has thin plastic boning sewn onto it for stiffness and to give an insect-like paneled look. . The sizing for this corset is smaller than most "off the rack" corsets since with the steel boning you can a 2-4" reduction on the waist. If you have a larger stomach you may want to go a size up to get a more comfortable fit. Its designed more to give you that hourglass curve than serious stomach flattening.

The sizing for this corset is smaller than most "off the rack" corsets since with the steel boning you can expect a 1-3" reduction to your waist with a 1-3" gap in the back. You'll want to pick a corset with that is 3-4" smaller than your natural waist. The approximate corset sizes at their waist are 20" for extra small, 22" for small, 24" for the medium, 26" for large, and 28" for extra large. If you don't want to lace this tightly, have a larger stomach, or have never worn a steel boned or stiffer non stretchy corset, you may want to go a size up especially if you have never worn a steel corset before.

Our Price: $190.00  ea

Choose your pushup cup size :

Colour (all store colours available) :

Corset waist width (2-4 smaller than your waist) :

Eyelet colour (black, white, silver, gold) :

Optional Halter style straps for better cleavage :

Optional modesty panel for underneath lacing (+$7) :

Padded bust cup style (regular or mega +$5) :

Sewing time options (regular or rush production) :


Kinetic Overbust with Padded bust cups

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