If you would like a sample of any of these PVC colours please see our fabric samples page

Lace pattern may be slightly different than what is pictured but will always be the same size and thickness. To keep your PVC clothing in the best possible condition, always hand wash in lukewarm water with a light liquid detergent. Rinse inside-out thoroughly in cool water until all soap has been removed. Turn the clothing inside out and hang to drip-dry. When the polyurethane inside is dry, turn it shiny side out to allow the outside to dry. NEVER PUT YOUR PVC ITEMS IN THE DRYER, or use heat to speed up the drying process, as heat can melt the PVC and the fumes from burning PVC are dangerous.

Be sure to store bright and metallic colours away from lighter ones, because extended contact may cause the colour to transfer. For multi-colour clothing, hang or lay flat during storage. PVC can be ironed on an extremely low heat from the inside only, or with a pressing cloth. Make sure that the surface of the iron never makes direct contact with the shiny side. When adjusting the length of straps, be sure to first push the loop through the top of the snap before tightening or loosening. Do not simply tug at the end as this will stretch the fabric and stitching.

PVC Colour or Lace substitutions are always free to customize your order. This includes substitution for metallic colours for small items only, email if you are unsure. Please make sure you include the changes in the comments of your order, not in a separate email. Large orders with PVC colours other than black, red, and white sometimes take a few days longer to be filled since fabric stock is limited and it will need to be purchased specifically for you.