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2. Glow in the Dark Lace overlay Underwear
3. Glow in the dark Lace Garter Corset
4. Clown Horns
5. Clown Princess Shrug
6. Clown Peplum belt
7. Artifice Fur cape V.2
8. Clear PVC Bow Garter Corset
9. Bunny Face Harness
10. Tinted clear PVC Bow Neck Ruff

Sizes and Customer Measurement Guide

We know its hard to be 100% sure of the fit when ordering items online so please be sure to check your measurements using our size guide below before ordering. We can not accurately advise you on what size you are based on a number size since they vary so much by country and brand so please be sure to check your measurements using our size guide below before ordering. Since our PVC fabric is stretchy so if you are in between sizes we often reccomend you go for the smaller size. We can often make small changes (for example adjusting arm and leg lengths) for no extra charge so please be sure to check in before or after ordering.

Our clothing is made to order so exchanges are available for a 0-30% restocking fee depending on the item. If its a popular item in an average size or colour its easy for us to resell it and there will be no charge. We can also easily alter most items to make them smaller for no charge other than return shipping. Feel free to ask for help if you have questions and remember to stand straight when measuring yourself!


   XS  S  M  L  XL
 Chest  32-33  34-35  36-37  38-39  40-42
 Waist  24-26  26-28  28-30  30-32  32-34
 Hips  33-35  36-37  38-39  40-41  42-44

   XS  S  M  L  XL
 Chest  81-85  86-90  91-95  96-100  101-106
 Waist  61-66  66-72  73-76  76-81  81-87
 Hips  84-90  91-95  96-100  101-105  106-112

Height can be adjusted as needed, and there is usually no charge for adding or subtracting an inch or two from ankles, wrists, skirt hems, or torso's with a clear note in the comments of the order. We grade for a 5'6"/5"7" customer.

1. Bust:
Measure, under your arms and over the fullest part of your bust, all the way around your body while wearing a bra. Remember to keep the measuring tape comfortably loose. Bust size is not as important as your waist and hip size when picking a full body item.

2. Waist:
Measure the area of your stomach where you are the thinnest (usually 1-3" above your belly button). Keep the measuring tape comfortably loose, but please do not inhale to get the smallest possible measurement. If you want a slightly larger waist or squarer torso we can make make the waist of your item less curved in for no extra charge for most items. Please add a note in the comments of your order

3. Hips (sometimes referred to as "Low hip measurement"):
This is the measurement that most people have issues with since some companies advise you to measure at your hip bone (we prefer to use the larger part for a more accurate fit). Please measure around the fullest part of your hips and butt. Keeping the tape comfortably loose move it around until you find the largest measurement.

4. Bra size:
Our padded PVC pushup bra's come with under-wire, a adjustable length halter neck strap, and a adjustable plastic quick release snap in the back. We make these bra's to order so please pick your size (32, 34, 36, 38) and your cup size (A, B, C, D, DD, DDD/E) using the options on the product page. If you are not sure please use this info to figure out your band size:

Run a tape measure all the way around your body just below your breasts on your rib cage and take a measurement in inches. Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and fairly snug. Your arms should be down. Add 3-4" to this number to get your band size. So if under your bust is 28" your band size is 32. If this measurement is an even number, round down to the nearest odd number since our bras are easily adjustable. For example, if you measured 31" under your breasts, your band size should be 34 (31+3").

Once you have picked your band size, measure around the fullest part of your breasts while wearing a non-padded bra, then subtract that number from your band size. This is the difference between the band size you have chosen, not your underbust measurement. For example if you have a 32" underbust and you have picked a band size of 36" and your breast size is 38" you are 36B.
   •If the two numbers differ by 1 inch, you need an A-cup.
   •If the two numbers differ by 2 inches, you need a B-cup.
   •If the two numbers differ by 3 inches, you need a C-cup.
   •If the two numbers differ by 4 inches, you need a D-cup.
   •If the two numbers differ by 5 inches, you need a DD-cup.
   •If the two numbers differ by 6 inches, you need a DDD/E-cup.

5. Inseam (used for free customization for catsuits and leggings):
This may be a little different than what you usually use for your inseam measurement but allows us to make the clothing exactly to the length you require. Please follow close to your body for these since it can end up looking shorter since the fit should be skin tight. We can adjust these lengths for no extra cost for most items. Just please add a short clear note to the comments of you order (you'll see the box pop up right after checkout) or e-mail us right away after placing your order so we can add the note to the cutting list for you.

1. Armpit to wrist (this will be the inside length of the sleeve)
2. Crotch to ankle (this will be the inside length of the leg, don't measure too low or it will bunch up at the ankles)
3. Bicep (measure around your arm in the centre)
4. Upper thigh (measure around one leg 3" from your crotch or where your thigh is thickest)

Adjustments and repairs are often available when needed for a small (or free) cost as well as shipping costs. We recommend a tracking number when sending in items. Please email us for details if you need any sewing advice if you plan to make changes yourself!

Additional measurements and custom clothing:
We can't offer a custom fit for most items but we can mix/match sizes and adjust the height as needed if you check in with us first. If you need a simple change like or smaller or larger bicep, shortening a sleeve or skirt, we'll probably do it for free!