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PVC gloves with free size adjustments (GLOFR)

Additional Images:

Model is Vera Baby, photographed by Jeff Hui Model is Vera Baby, photographed by Jeff Hui Model is Vera Baby, photographed by Jeff Hui
Shown in black (bicep length), red snakeskin (bicep length), white and pink (wrist length), black (elbow length), matte white (elbow length), red and black (wrist length), white (bicep length), black (bicep length), matte black (bicep length), and white (bicep length).

Slim fit PVC gloves in XXS to XL. We can make these any length (wrist, elbow, bicep) and colour you want! Not sure what size you are?
We recommend you choose a standard size and send us your height and your bicep size after checkout to double check. If you'd like to give us more specific measurements please use the chart below!

Available in all store colours. For different colour combinations (for example one glove red and one white for Harley cosplay) please add a note in the comments of your order.
Red, white, black, pale pink, coral pink, pink, purple, bright blue, matte black (not shiny), matte white (not shiny), matte pink, matte red, leatherette, and red snakeskin, white snakeskin, black snakeskin, and royal blue/navy, neon yellow, and purple are 4-way stretch PVC which have better stretch while keeping their shine, for a better and more comfortable stretchy fit. All others will be 2-way stretch upon special request (we may not be able to use some 2-way stretch colours if they aren't stretchy enough).  

Glove measurements. If you want gloves only to the wrist or elbow we won't need all of these measurements.
1. Around hand (not including thumb, measure just below where your finger start around your hand above the thumb)
2. Elbow
3. Bicep (do not flex)
4. Elbow to bicep (or the point where you want the top of the gloves)

If you'd like you can instead provide the total length of the gloves you'd like. Measure from the tip of your middle finger to where you want the gloves to end.  Follow close to your arm and if you aren't sure make the length 0.5" to 1" longer than it needs to be since the gloves are slim fit.
If you aren't sure you'll measure yourself correctly sizes we recommend you only give us your height and bicep size.

Our Price: $55.00  ea

4-way stretch PVC colours :

Glove length (wrist, elbow, bicep) :

Sizes XXS to XL :

Sewing time options (regular or rush production) :


PVC gloves with free size adjustments

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