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Tinted Clear PVC underbust Corset (TINUN)

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Shown with a Clear PVC Lace up back Shrug ($100), a Tinted Clear PVC underbust corset ($100), a Clear PVC Face Harness ($60), a Clear PVC Harness Buckle Bra ($105), and our Clear PVC zipper buckle thong ($50).

Our new tinted clear PVC underbust corset is available in tinted red clear PVC or tinted blue clear PVC!  We can special order in other clear colours upon request! E-mail us for details. Available in regular clear PVC here. We've designed with extra boning on the front to flatten your stomach and give you a hourglass shape. Made from thicker gauge clear plastic which is thick enough to be durable and cinch you without stretching but thin enough to be comfortable and bend with your body.

We use steel boning for this corset and can paint it different colours using the options below which show through the clear plastic. (Shown with unpainted boning.) We sew this with four 1/4" flat steel bones at the front, 1/2" flat steel boning at the back, and the sides are boned with 1/4" spiral steel boning for flexibility and comfort. The length is just long enough to cover the tops of the hips of an average female. Approximately 9" in the front, 7.5" on the sides, and 9" on the back depending on the size. Shown with unpainted boning and silver eyelets and available with your choice of black, white, gold, or silver eyelets with black, red, or white lacing.

The sizing for our corsets is smaller than most "off the rack" corsets since with the steel boning you can expect a 1-3" reduction to your waist with a 1-4" gap in the gap depending on your comfort level and waist training experience. You'll want to pick a corset with that is 2-4" smaller than your natural waist. The approximate corset sizes at their waist are 20" for extra small, 22" for small, 24" for the medium, 26" for large, 28" for extra large, and 30" for an XXL. If you don't want to lace this tightly,  have a larger stomach, or have never worn a steel boned or stiffer non stretchy corset, you may want to go a size up (especially if you have never worn a steel corset before).
Our clear plastic corsets are less comfortable when laced tightly compared to our corsets with a lining since the PVC is in direct contact with your skin but they look amazing!

Our Price: $100.00  ea

Choose your colour of painted steel boning :

Clear PVC options (clear, red tinted, blue tinted) :

Corset waist width (2-4 smaller than your waist) :

Eyelet colour (black, white, silver, gold) :

Sewing time options (regular or rush production) :


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Tinted Clear PVC underbust Corset

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