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PVC and Lace Padded bust cup Corset (LACPADC)

Additional Images:

Shown in black PVC with black lace overlay with an Artifice Victorian Fur Jacket, PVC gloves (with free custom fit and length), and a Lace overlay 2-way invisible zipper Pencil skirt in black PVC with regular black lace overlay, above the knee length and a front slit. Shown in nude PVC with crimson lace overlay and a Clear PVC and Lace Shrug, a Annabelle Victorian Skirt, and a Clear PVC and Lace Neck Ruff!

Our new PVC Overbust corset with padded bust cups and underwire and lace overlay! Available in all our store colours and black, red, pale pink, sand (beige), crimson, white lace, yellow, orange, green, blue, or purple overlay. You can see all the different shades here. More expensive and more intricately textured "bridal" Alencon lace can be used for an extra $15 for black or $35 extra for white.

We're super excited to be able to offer this, we know the price is higher because it takes a lot longer to sew in the pushup bust cups and add the underwire than making our regular overbust corsets do. But we all love pushup padding in bra's, so having it in a corset gives you an extra boost in your bust as well as a reduced waist for a super cartoonish shape!

We use steel boning for this corset, four 1/4" flat steel bones at the front, 1/2" flat steel boning at the back, and the sides are boned with 1/4" spiral steel boning for flexibility and comfort. The sizing for this corset is smaller than most "off the rack" corsets since with the steel boning you can expect a 2-3" reduction to your waist with a 1-3" gap in the back. You'll want to pick a corset with that is 3-5" smaller than your natural waist. The approximate corset sizes at their waist are 20" for extra small, 22" for small, 24" for the medium, 26" for large, and 28" for extra large. If you want a corset that is +/- 1" from the standard sizes we can do that after checkout, just let us know after checkout what corset size you want!

When choosing a size for our corsets with pushup cups please keep in mind that unless you lace the corset tightly to pull the cups against your body you won't get the cleavage support necessary. Our padded overbust corsets look amazing when laced tightly and give you an incredible silhouette but if you think that you won't enjoy wearing your overbust laced up very tightly you may want to consider getting a bra and matching underbust corset for a more comfortable fit with minimal cinching on the ribs.

If you are used to wearing tight corsets you may be able to close this all the way, otherwise you can leave it open a few inches in the back for a more comfortable fit. If you'd like a modesty panel you can choose that using the options below for an extra $7. If you aren't sure what cup size you need please add a note to the comments of your order and we will e-mail you after checkout! Available with optional straps ($17 for the double style shown or $10 extra for a regular halter strap) on the sides to "pull in" your cleavage for a secure and flattering fit.

Our Price: $165.00  ea

Choose your pushup cup size :

Colour (all store colours available) :

Corset waist width (2-4 smaller than your waist) :

Eyelet colour (black, white, silver, gold) :

Lace overlay colours (regular and bridal) :

Optional Halter style straps for better cleavage :

Optional modesty panel for underneath lacing (+$7) :

Padded bust cup style (regular or mega +$5) :

Sewing time options (regular or rush production) :


PVC and Lace Padded bust cup Corset

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